Motivating the great beginnings

How does it work?

Be proactive Participate in event organization, lead student clubs, do other cool things
Reflect Analyze your work and identify the progress and areas for improvement
Get cool rewards! Receive innopoints to spend on cool merch of Innopolis University

How to get innopoints?

Volunteering Innopolis University needs heroes like you to organize world-class projects! see the projects
Event organization
Event organization A little bored from studies? Throw a party for the whole university to enjoy and have your efforts rewarded! propose an event
Club leadership
Club leadership A successful club needs a proactive leader. If you think that you’d make a good leader, pay a visit to our student clubs! see the clubs
Buddy Become a supporting buddy for your international coursemate and help them blend in the warm Russian atmosphere! learn about the program
Student representative
Student representative Student clubs are not the only place to shine! Become the BDFL that your groupmates need! you'll need to handle this on your own :)

How to spend innopoints?

The following items are the most popular among students.
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IU logo
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Bright ideas for new merch are always welcome, so get in touch with us if you have some!

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